Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Soulful Sex: The Darker Side

I just realized I really ought to mention here on my blog that last week I released my latest book. It's called Soulful Sex: The Darker Side and the stories in it examine just that. Here's the rundown of the twelve tales:

"Storytellers" - Maggie, whose sex drive has been at a low ebb in spite of her respectable marriage, has a midnight encounter with the secret lover who is her heart's desire. Only this time he's not a dream...he's flesh and blood.
"The Poet" - History's first "superstar" poet, the reclusive Riley Madsen, finally grants four interviews, including one with celebrity blogger Miri Horace. But her private tryst with her idol turns out rather shockingly.
"The Experiment" - When Jay and Stephanie signed up for the experiment, they guessed what it would come to. A lab like a martini lounge, two cups of strange liquid, and some very interesting instructions prove they were right.
"Piero and Gilia" - Piero Montague and Gilia Capulet, cousins to Romeo and Juliet, have their own struggles with forbidden romance. Will the lesson of their cousins' fates make any difference in this star-crossed couple's choices?
"Don't" - Sometimes a guy can be really black hearted, but so sexy he gets away with it anyway. Sometimes the fact that he's black hearted just makes him sexier.
"Stalkers for Hire" - Recently divorced Amber is invited to avail herself of the services of a peculiar business called "Attentives, Inc." She's not about to shell out the money...until she sees Cameron in the company's catalog.
"The Will of a Slave" - Queen Parra she falls hard for Loenid, captured in war to serve in her harem. But he values marital fidelity more than his life, and Parra has no idea how to achieve what she truly wants: Loenid's love.
"Nate and Erica Write a Sex Scene" - Nate writes science fiction, Erica writes romance. The exercise of collaborating on a sexy story opens some interesting doors...some of which have been locked ever since they met.
"Summer's Fantasy" - Aimee Connelly befriends a beautiful, charming artist named Summer. Summer's obvious infatuation with Aimee causes mixed emotions...but among those emotions is unexpected desire.
"Professor Chambliss" - Lydia develops an irresistible crush on her Psychology of Marketing professor. The irascibly sexy Dr. Chambliss is enough of a pain by nature; then Lydia finds out he suspects her feelings.
"Women Love Vampires" - Lacey meets Seth in a bar, and his vampiric personal style prompts an interesting conversation. Lacey finds herself surprisingly eager to explain—and demonstrate—why women love vampires.
"'Kiss Me' and Other Commands" - High school grad Bix Buxton pines for classmate Sara, until the internet grants him the amazing ability to command women. Bix's ethics are subsequently put to some interesting tests.

Intrigued? Well, the book is available from the publisher as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. For all the info on how to get a copy, visit my website page.

Meanwhile I did promise an update for when you could purchase the print version of the Sign of the Bloodletters comic book. (Which, by the way, came back from the printers just gorgeous.) Visit for links to purchase it from the publisher, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Anonymous said...

A poet and a blogger in one story? I'm in!

Diana Laurence said...

Truly, fiction doesn't get much better than that! LOL

Miss Organizized said...

YAY!!! I hope the sales start rolling in and people love it! :)