Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Engineers are Sexy

I've blogged before about the appeal of science geeks, for example this post about the guys on "Mythbusters" or this one about the guys on "The Big Bang Theory." But today I want to focus specifically on engineers. There is scientific, verifiable proof that they are hot.

My first experience falling for the engineer archetype occurred back in high school. A classmate of mine named Greg used to regale me with tales of his inventions. He came up with the mathematical concept of "upsilon," which was one divided by zero. You could do all kinds of fun things with math by employing this impossible number. It was really quite like magic. Greg also invented (on paper at least) the self-harvesting potato. I know you'd love to hear the details (chah, right) but suffice it to say, I was a sucker for this cute guy who could draw diagrams of complex apparatuses (apparati?) and tell me the astounding things he could achieve through science. We both knew he was kidding but that only made it sexier.

I mean, if a funny guy is hot, then it follows that a funny, smart guy is deadly. And the thing about engineers is, they employ a lovely mix of competence (always attractive to women) and mystery (because who can follow what they're saying?). Therefore a funny engineer is nearly irresistible.

Take, for example, this little anecdote from my day job. By day I blog about engineering, and in that capacity I came upon an engineer named Todd who keeps a blog called "An Engineering Mind." Todd makes funny videos on engineering this one:

Todd cracks me up. Sure, he's making all this stuff up, but the point is, he can talk about engineering stuff in a manner convincing enough that you can tell he's smart. Smart and funny and competent, how's a girl to resist?

Another case in point: Last week the awesome show "Lost" returned to the airwaves, and it would seem this season will be giving prominence to Daniel Faraday, the island's resident engineer. Daniel is, I guess, a Time Engineer. His specialty is the space/time continuum. He alone has a clue as to why the island keeps leaping forward and back in time, he alone can advise the Losties how to cope. Well, clearly he's a wizard; Sawyer even nicknamed him Dr. Wizard. Women love wizards, from Harry Potter to Gandalf, and when they're as cute as Daniel, we're goners. All the females in my family are ga-ga for this guy and I suspect he will rival Ben Linus for Lost Heartthrob of the Season.

So many hot engineers to choose from....There are mechanical engineers, like the Mythbusters, who can build robots and Rube Goldberg machines. And nuclear engineers, who can boast that whichever of them discovers cold fusion will pretty much change the planet. There are agricultural engineers who, like my friend Greg, may develop the self-harvesting potato. And astronautical engineers like Howard on TBBT, who do cool things like drive the Mars rover. There are electrical engineers who invent stuff like the iPod. And geological engineers who can predict quakes and eruptions like Pierce Brosnan's sexy character in "Dante's Peak."

What they all have in common is special, arcane knowledge that makes them seem magical. Never mind how they dress, their muscular development or lack thereof, their strange quirks. They are dead sexy, admit it.

Watch Todd and see if he doesn't seem a bit more attractive than his face alone would suggest.

And see if Daniel on "Lost" doesn't become a big hit in the weeks to come.

You read it here first. It's engineers.


Brandon Barr said...

I just stumbled upon your blog...I have to admit, I'm fascinated.

Soulful Sex.

Are the anthologies Christian?

Just curious.

Diana Laurence said...

Hi Brandon,

My writing is not specifically Christian, although occasionally the characters in my stories are. The "soulful" comes from my belief of the importance of the link between the erotic drive and the rest of the psyche. I learned a lot about this both from psychologist Carl Jung and Thomas Moore, an eloquent ex-monk who did address the subject from a Christian perspective in his superb book "The Soul of Sex."

I'm sure some conservative Christians would find my writing too, well, graphic. But a lot of my fans are people who appreciate my avoidance of vulgar language and general favor toward sex that is responsible and healthy. I also treat it as a very spiritual thing and I'm sure you and I could agree that it is a sublime gift from God!

Thanks for commenting, and I hope you'll visit again!

Brandon Barr said...

Yes, as a married man, I can definitely agree sex is a wonderful gift from God!

Miss Organizized said...

Mmm Daniel! I've missed him on Lost lately!!

Diana Laurence said...

Me too...that plus the reruns on Big Bang Theory have left me low on cute-geek-reserves.

amir mahboud said...

indeed :D since I'm an engineer too , mechanical one :D