Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In Absentia

I know I've been AWOL for awhile now so I thought I would at least pop in and explain why.

My publisher closed its doors last weekend. I had just signed a contract for my next collection of erotic romance tales, so it took me quite by surprise! After the initial dismay, however, I realized this was a great opportunity for me to expand my own tiny publishing company, Living Beyond Reality Press, and publish all my Diana Laurence books myself.

Was I scared? Hell yeah! In order to keep my books from falling into unavailability, I was going to have to launch this thing in a few weeks (and I do have a full time day job). Was I excited? Hell yeah! The idea of being able to control every aspect of my destiny as an author was really thrilling. I felt lucky to have the knowledge (well, mostly) and resources to be able to give it a try.

So that's where I've been and where I will be for the next few weeks, so pardon my absence! In the meantime, you might be amused to read "The Strange and Twisted Tale of Living Beyond Reality Press." It's scary, it's wacky, it's about as crazy as my life always seems to be.

I'll be back...