Monday, June 27, 2005

I Heart Techies

The other day my husband David and I saw one of those commercials for the “Geek Squad,” IT pros who work for Best Buy and travel around in black, white and orange VW beetles. “Why can’t the Geek Squad show up at our door?” I lamented.

Yes, I came out of the closet years ago as a lover of geeks. I’m not saying taped glasses and pocket protectors are a turn on, but I’m a sucker for all the other clichés. I love guys who play D&D and Half Life 2, collect Star Wars figures, wear software company T-shirts, read Dilbert and Marvel Comics, take Microsoft certification exams, and recite passages from “Lord of the Rings.” I like a guy who is shy and even slightly awkward around a woman he doesn’t know yet, but turns into a technological knight in shining armor when her PC is locked up. When a guy has a huge vocabulary about hardware and has a fabulous theater system at home, it’s hard to resist (if he has any THX-certified components, I’m a goner).

Classic geek characters I’ve found attractive: Mr. Spock, Michael Bolton from “Office Space,” any of Anthony Michael Hall’s characters, Ian Malcolm in “Jurassic Park,” Peter Parker, Clark Kent.

The funny thing is, I seem to be a bit of an oddity. Techie guys don’t guess their irresistibility to me unless hit over the head with it. And my female friends by and large don’t get their appeal. This is baffling to me. I mean, take a look at this list of attributes of the typical tech geek:

He can solve your computer problems for you (that seems to be the one everyone realizes).
He wields that mysterious air anyone possesses who has special know-how.
He makes good money and spends it on cool stuff like big TVs.
He’s imaginative—sure, he likes Seven-of-Nine’s catsuit, but the concept of the Borg intrigues him just as much.
He’s smart and therefore articulate and interesting.
He’s capable—all that troubleshooting develops some great problem-solving skills.

Face it, if we were to apply classic archetypes to the techie, he’d be a cross between a knight and a wizard. Sort of Sir Lancelot and Merlin rolled into one. Is that not a romantic hero for you? What’s not to like?

I recently had to upgrade my computer. I’m quite PC-savvy but don’t keep up on technological developments at all, so I couldn’t begin to guess what processor I should get, what video card, what size hard drive, etc. “Would you like me to spec something out for you?” asked David. In no time he had designed a system right for my needs at the most economical price on the web.

You can bet he got some that evening.


Con said...

LOL Oh Man-alive!
I have so much to write about this topic! BUT..... I am off for vacation and cannot until I return!
Am I a tease or what?????

Loving French Techies,

Con said...

Ok, I'm back!
What can I say? I think it best to share a story with you; a couple of months ago, I had a friend over who is a medium and does energy work (realignment of chakras, etc). She did some work on me and afterwards, we had a nice woman to woman chat. Well, without divulging too much info. we got to talk about someone I have been suffering an attraction for since June of 2004 (thank God he is far, far away!)Anyway, I showed her a photo and being a highly spiritual person she (without any prior knowledge) talked of him having the spirit of a magician; he has the ability to gather all the scientific information in his head and create magic, an alchemy from random numbers, cyphers that an average mind can barely make sense out of. She hit the nail right on the head. My friend is indeed a Techie, a very important and ground breaking one and I am so proud to even know him. When I met him , we were 15. He was skinny, shy, geeky and spent most of his fee time in the computer or math lab. I fell in love with him because he was so different from the usual sporty types; he looked like a Boticelli angel (now that I think about it...). He was from France but the language he was fluent in and that separated us was not his native French but the language of Mathematics which, I an art student was almost deaf to.

Many of my friends laughed at my crush back then, never quite seeing what I say in the young man with the slide-rule. And if you were to see him know, you might still narrow your eyes and frown, that is unless you were to look in his eyes, hear the passion in his voice for his work and vision and see the magic for yourself.

I leave you with this;

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke famously said:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Diana Laurence said...

Oh Con, your French techie does sound magical, and I would have felt EXACTLY the same way about him. I knew a guy in high school who invented the concept of "upsilon," which equalled 1 divided by 0. The equations he built upon this number boggled the mind. It was probably all nonsense but to my romantic brain, it seemed like magic indeed. Wonderful stuff...thanks for sharing your story.

Con said...

Good Grief! Was I drunk when I wrote my account of my French Techie???? So many spelling errors!
Diane! Correct my typos and salvage my reputation!

What reputation?

My Web Hosting Talk said...
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Jack Brummet said...

Yes. Diana Laurence is absolutely right...have sex with a techie tonight! You won't regret it.

Diana Laurence said...

Hi Jack, thanks for reminding me with that post of another fine quality of techies: their enthusiasm in this regard. (Although when I think about it, that may be a fairly universal male trait.) :-)