Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Which Romantic Type Are You?

In my view, there are four basic types of romantics. They are:

Classic Romantics
Modern Romantics
Quirky Romantics
Imaginative Romantics

Now, your sex life won’t necessarily reflect which category you are in (too many extenuating circumstances there), but your fantasy life certainly will. And so I’ve devised a fun quiz that mostly addresses your fantasies and designed to reveal which sort of romantic you are. You can take the quiz on
this page. It’s 15 multiple choice questions, and I think that you’ll find figuring out your answers to be as fun as finding out the results.

Once you’re done, not only will the quiz reveal your Romantic Type, but also give you some input concerning your ideal relationship, recommended books and movies for you, and a suggested ebook by Diana Laurence that you can download for free that should appeal to your specific type.

I hope you’ll have some fun with it, and pass along the URL to your friends as well!

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