Monday, August 25, 2008

One Hot Baseball Club

It’s high time I put up an entry like this one, for it’s been awhile since I began noticing something interesting: The Chicago Cubs are possibly the hottest team in baseball. And I’m not referring to the fact that (as of this writing) they have the best record in baseball.

However, I suppose it’s possible that I’m biased. They are my team, after all. So I thought I’d put the boys out here for you to judge. Give them a quick review, and if you think your team can match them in hotness, please comment and let me know! Especially if you have photos to back up your claim.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the position players for the Chicago Cubs:

At first base, the tall, lanky, classically handsome Derrek Lee.

At second, showing off his fab physique, ruggedly delicious Mark DeRosa (Manzi’s favorite).

Playing shortshop, and possibly the team’s dreamiest player (check out the eyes), Ryan Theriot.

At third base, Katie’s guy, the adorable Aramis Ramirez.

And catching, All Star rookie Geovany Soto…what killer eyelashes, hey? Sigh.

I have a strong opinion the Cubs infield beats all comers, hands down. But now let’s take a look at the outfielders.

We have in left field, home run hero (here looking like a model), Alfonso Soriano.

Playing at center, and competing admirably in the rugged category, Jim Edmonds.

Jim’s alternate in centerfield, and quirkily hot in his little beard, Reed Johnson.

And in right field, Manzi’s other fave, handsome rookie Kosuke Fukudome.

Let’s not forget our two most often-used utility guys. There’s Mike Fontenot, here showing off one of the forearms that make my daughters squeal.

And there’s Ronny Cedeno, just too cute for words.

Now, on to the pitchers. The Cubs have the rare claim of having a rotation of five good-looking starters. We have...

Former closer and this year’s new ace, the hilarious, charming, and swoonworthy Ryan Dempster.

Cubs co-ace, and the league’s best slugging pitcher, here’s the dashing Carlos Zambrano.

Our newest addition to the starters group, super cute and amazingly talented Rich Harden.

Not to be outdone, the fine-looking fellow who got us a win for our annual trip to Wrigley, Ted Lilly.

And showing off that irresistible smile, here’s #5 pitcher Jason Marquis.

I won’t put our entire bullpen on display here (although a girl could do worse), but representing the middle relievers, we have newest rookie and total heartthrob, Jeff Samardzija.

And last, but to my mind first, my own fave Cub—our awesome closer, Kerry Wood.

Okay I single-double-triple-homer-dog-dare you to top this lineup, peeps. They may or may not go far in the playoffs, they may or may not bring home the first World Series win in 100 years, but they will definitely look good doing it!


Amanda "Z" Nelson said...

OMG BEST POST EVER!!!! Seriously those pics?? I'm wiggin' out over here! And your comments for each one?? Priceless! Awww, you officially made my night.

Miss Organizized said...

Yeah I officially need a cold shower after that one. REDONKULOUS!!!!!!!

That was well worth the wait. God bless me some baseball!!!

Diana Laurence said...

Thank you, daughters, for the reactions I expected! LOL And did you know the Cubbies are 2-0 since I wrote this post? Ha ha. I figure it's only a matter of time (perhaps months, of course) before word gets to the boys that they have been featured on a blog called "Erotica with Soul." Poor Geo, the ribbing he will get over his eyelashes!

CC said...

I think Jeff Samardzija is now my favorite Cub, although I may have been slightly biased by your choice of pictures! :-)

Cherie said...

Doesn't Ryan Teriot look a lot like Rex Grossman?

Anyways, I vote with Manzi - Mark DeRosa all the way!

Diana Laurence said...

CC, you have excellent taste. But yeah, the shirtlessness gives Jeff an unfair advantage. :-)

Cherie, I can kinda see what you mean about Ryan and Rex...and I know you are "strangely drawn" to Rex (for a Packers fan). What I love about Mark is he is completely self-effacing. You'd think it would be hard to be humble looking like that...