Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Sexy New Car

To paraphrase that recent Sprint commercial, "I'm in love...with a car."

It's my "new" 2007 Chevy Cobalt LT, aka Racer Y. Racer Y as in yellow. As you can see, he is VERY yellow.

Several people in my acquaintance have accused me of having a mid-life crisis (they forget 52 is somewhat beyond mid-life), because I am so excited about having a sporty car. In point of fact, I have wanted a sporty car since grade school when I was obsessed with the Opel GT, a car that looked like a mini-Corvette.

I think Y looks a bit like a mini-Corvette, at least from behind, with his Corvette-style taillights. My family finds it hysterical that I can compare my Cobalt with his racy cousin, and I guess 4-cylinders don't qualify as as a muscle car even if the engine is 10% larger than my Neon's was. But seriously, people, Racer Y has some pep. He may not be ready for drag racing but he merges on the freeway like a dream.

You see, I am such a frugal person that not only could I never seriously spring for a true sports car, I waited over 40 years to spend the extra bucks to own a car with a spoiler. A spoiler, my dream, at last! Well, I figured I could splurge, seeing as (a) I got the incredible deal of $10,000 plus my 2001 Neon, and (b) I had saved up all the money plus leftovers. And now I have a spoiler! Ah the joys of ridiculously delayed gratification!

But more about the other sexy features of Racer Y. Where do I begin? This is a car that knows when to turn on his own headlights. He does neat stuff like calculate his mileage (see photo--those were mostly city miles with A/C so not bad) and tell you how much further your tank of gas will take you. He has a most excellent radio/CD player and four truly fine Pioneer speakers. Don't even get me started on the electric windows and mirrors and such (which many take for granted but I lacked in my last car)...perks, perks, perks.

And I just had to trick out Racer with one more feature, a top of the line XM radio. With this addition, he is now the ultimate party car.

The only downside of having a car this sexy is that you want to drive all the time, which is not politically correct these days and also interferes with my saving for Y's replacement. But I might as well face it, I'm addicted to my car.

And he's easy to spot in parking lots, too.


CC said...

I can't really criticize, because I'm in love with my new iPhone. But does that license plate say "size tiny?"

Diana Laurence said...

Can't blame you about the iPhone, CC.

Yes, the license plate DOES say "size tiny." I got it for my Neon, and it works for Racer as well because he has the same wheelbase. It also describes my 5'2" self. :-)

CC said...

Cute. :-)

Miss Organizized said...


Diana Laurence said...

Translation for other readers: YEllow COlored CObalt. He answers to that as well as anything, I guess. :-)

Cherie said...

Thank you for the YECOCO translation.

And did you say the car was a "he"?

BTW, NO WAY are you having a mid-life crisis! This car was too awesome to pass up.

nik von H said...

Holy tomatoes! Nice wheels!!!! Love the color too.

BTW, my cousins husband in Germany has an old Opel's radical.

Diana Laurence said...

"Too awesome to pass up"...that's my Y. Thanks Cherie!

And thanks Nicole too! I sure envy your cousin that Opel. They are so cool.

Con's Blog said...


You deserve this. You have succeeded in marriage and parenthood, launched an amazing career as a writer....
You are at your zenith, gurl! Enjoy it!

Good Grief Woman, if anyone deserves a cool car.... YOU DO!


Diana Laurence said...

Aw, Con, you are the sweetest! Thanks!