Thursday, July 16, 2009

At Your Service

On innumerable occasions I have blogged about the sex appeal of aggressive, alpha-male type guys. Well, today it’s time to look at the flip side.

The other day Davie and I were watching “The Next Food Network Star,” and I was suddenly reminded of a totally different style of guy that really sends me. Calling this particular archetype “the servant” doesn’t completely do him justice, since that implies a slavish subordinate. I’m talking about a man who dedicates himself to serving you out of his own free will. He’s chosen the role because he enjoys it.

My favorite contestant on the show is Jeffrey Saad, a handsome 42-year-old currently working in real estate. Don’t be misled: Jeffrey’s prior history includes culinary school and many years of operating restaurants. In the episode of which I speak, the remaining five competitors teamed up to cater a Miami cocktail party. Jeffrey served as host, and his background as a restaurateur was apparent.

Welcoming the guests, Jeffrey was warm, gracious, welcoming and cheerful. He said something in Spanish that I, who only know English and French, could not translate beyond it including some sort of expression of being “at your service.” Whatever he said, it was hot. And for much of the rest of the evening, Jeffrey bustled around the party, proffering trays of food, tending to guests’ needs, and adjuring everyone that he would “take care of them.”

I should tell you that Jeffrey is no poser. He’s a very sincere, guileless fellow, kind-hearted and slow to anger. That lovely smile of his is not faked. And I could see he truly enjoyed playing the role of “servant,” not because he’s into the subservient role, but because he knows he does it well. He pleases people. I’m sure that has to feel good.

All I know for sure is, it would feel very good to have this man wait on you.

The episode put me in mind of a dinner party I attended many years ago with some co-workers. It was a potluck, with a dozen or so of us gathered at the home of the boss’s secretary. Our financial analyst, Mark, had been a waiter in college. So for the occasion he reprised that old role, pulling out chairs to seat us, bringing dishes around, refreshing drinks. Mark was a good-looking guy, but he never looked so appealing to me as on that evening, with his suddenly straight posture, and one hand tucked behind at the small of his back.

I’m sure all you readers of both genders have had the experience of being waited upon by a truly talented service person. That kind of attention can be quite an aphrodisiac. My theory on that is, the manner of a expert waitperson somewhat mimics courtship. The attention convinces you that this individual sees you as important. The kindnesses of bringing food and drink seem like gifts of affection. The fervent expression of a desire to please is, well, mildly sexual.

Of course you know the serviceperson is simply doing a job. But if they truly seem to enjoy that job, it’s hard not to get caught up in the lovely little charade. The result of this is genuine pleasure on one side, and, if nothing else, a generous tip on the other.

Just watching Jeffrey wait on other people was thrill enough to me. I think if he did it to me in person I might positively swoon. Nothing says lovin’ like a guy who smiles at you over a tray of canapés.


bainst said...

My boyfriend is in the military and the total Alpha male. But when I stay with him, he makes me sit on the couch or sit at the table, while he cooks, does the dishes, and offers to do my laundry. How hot is that?

Diana Laurence said...

Absolutely the perfect combo to my mind! Lucky girl... :-)

Penny Lane said...

I agree with you. Servers, waiters, whatever you'd like to call them, can definitely be alluring for whatever reason. Your guy is a cutie. He has a sweet look about him, and that's always nice. I mentioned to you on Facebook when you announced this blog entry, that I have had a server crush in the past, too. Mine was less submissive though, at least in my head. I wasn't thinking of this boy as submissive at all. He was a "rocker" type, 22 (which I know from his MySpace, which I swear I never found, haha), and he had this dark, mysterious look about him with his dark hair and golden eyes ... yes, golden! When he arrived at the table to take our order (mine and my friend Linda's) it took me a minute to deliver it, because I was staring into his eyes. He was kneeling beside the table, rather than standing, and I was nearly glamored by the guy. Sad, huh? Maybe he was a vampire? *giggles* Too much True Blood. Anyway, my friend kicked me gently under the table, and I promptly ordered my food. After he walked away she made sure to tell me how obvious I was in what I had just done. Oh well. Sometimes a girl's mind isn't her own. He still works at the same place, and I still stare at him when I go in. He's the sexiest waiter I've ever seen.

Diana Laurence said...

Oooh, Penny, that guy sounds indeed like he is vampire material! Nice job describing that whole fun experience...wish I could have been there.

Penny Lane said...

I wish you could have been there, too! M always asks if I want to stop in and eat at this place for dinner (it's a Chili's), and I always get weirded out and say ... NO NO, I'm not in the mood for that. I worry we'll go in, and I'll fall under the guy's thrall right in front of my poor, unsuspecting hubby. Hehe.