Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kohls Guy and Jason Updates (Admittedly Loopy)

From our Sorry But Occasionally I Must Totally Objectify Men Files: the mystery has been solved!

Tonight my pal Rebecca reported to me that a reader of her blog identified our elusive Kohls/Chaps Guy at last. (My original report: Sometimes It's Just Physical.) His name is Kevin Rice and you can read Rebecca's full analysis (and see countless amazing photos) here.

My personal fave is reproduced for you below.

I had no idea how much I liked smiles until I saw this.

I'm delighted to have a name for the face at last. And for any of you clever observers out there that are thinking, "interesting how Diana Laurence, with her self-confessed blond beard fetish, has now posted two blond bearded guy entries in a row." For the record, Jason Danieley could be raven haired and baby faced and my heart would be no less in chains to that voice.

And also for the record, I played his songs for my daughter Amanda last night and she absolutely swooned. Why have you not listened to him yet people...are you afraid he will seize your soul? Well, he will!!! But it's totally worth it!!! (OMG, I've become a ditz and the triple exclamation points are coming out now. But it's still worth it.)


CC said...

You know, I wasn't impressed with previous photo of the Kohl's guy, but this new collection is rather nice. Did you notice he had a small role in Serendipity? That's a good movie; if you haven't seen it yet you should rent it, even if it's just to try to spot Mr. Rice. And if you've never been "cubed," check out the deleted scenes -but don't cheat and Google The Cube Game or you won't be able to play it as you watch the movie scene!

Diana Laurence said...

I know I did see Serendipity...just can't remember seeing Kevin Rice in it. Cubing I totally am clueless about though!

CC said...

The Cube Game is a psychological evaluation thing. A person asks you to picture a scene with certain elements and then interprets it. But once you've played it, you can't really do it again because you know too much! I had never heard of it before the Serendipity deleted scene. My husband and I "played along" by forming our own mental scenes as the one character asked the other to do it. We both thought our (quite different) mental images fit with their interpretations! It's kind of fun.

Miss Organizized said...

This quote says it all: "I had no idea how much I liked smiles until I saw this." Swoon city!

PS I'm totally intrigued about this cubing thing!! Now I gotta see that deleted scene...hopefully Mandsi owns this movie??

"Hey Mandsi!" Katie calls across the living room. "Do you have Serendipity?" "Sure do" "Awesome!"