Saturday, February 09, 2008

Home Improvement Hotties

I posted awhile back about my favorite guys on the Discovery Channel, and now it’s time to turn to another genre of cable TV: home improvement shows. You’ll note too that I’m not going for any of the obvious choices of sexy carpenters (Ty Pennington, Carter Oosterhouse, Andrew Dan Jumbo, Eric Strommer, etc.)...that’s too easy. My picks:

David Bromstad – Colorsplash (HGTV)

David earned his show by winning “HGTV’s Next Design Star” a couple years ago. On that show, he was known for appearing shirtless whenever possible, but in retrospect I think that was the producer’s idea more than his own. The guy is really sweet as well as really serious about his work, so he’s not the kind who would need to sell himself through sex. On the other hand, the “if you got it, flaunt it” rule does kind of apply.

At any rate, it’s not David’s cute face or buff body that makes me like him. He’s just a decorating genius, and one who executes his craft with humility and good-natured humor. He’s never done a bad design, and the original paintings he creates for each room are gorgeous too. Few people this talented are this sweet, either. If I were gay I’d probably be hot for him, but as it is, I’d just love to go shopping with the guy!

Clive Pearse – Designed to Sell (HGTV)

The show’s pretty good, Lisa LaPorta’s a cutie and a talented designer, but I watch DTS for Clive. He’s the quintessential charming, funny Brit, with a low key, quirky, elegant sense of humor. And he’s got one of those voices that make him automatically handsome regardless of his physical appearance.

I just love when Clive hosts the open houses of participants on the show. He turns on his unique charm and just about every visitor seems ready to make an offer just to please him. Sure, the makeovers help—but Clive could sell castles to cave dwellers. It’s funny how Clive is one of the few home improvement show cast members who doesn’t really do anything but occasionally open a paint can, but it doesn’t matter a whit...he makes the show.

Had he been born earlier, Clive would have made a great member of Monty Python. I’d date any of those guys too.

George Gray – What’s With That House? (HGTV)

Speaking of zany guys, no one tops George Gray. Is it his white hair, goatee, trendy glasses and wacky bowling shirts? Is it his crazy questioning of weird homeowners and their neighbors, or the way he cuts up as he explores these bizarre homes? Is it the faces, the impressions, the jokes?

I’m always a sucker for a guy who’s funny, but beyond the antics, you get the sense that George is just a warm, nice guy who enjoys people, no matter how eccentric. And that takes him to a whole new level. Heck, on his web site ( he calls his fan club “People Who Don’t Think I Suck.” Also to his credit, he’s devoted to his cat Stinky.

I would watch George Gray host anything and am even sorry I missed his stint on “The Weakest Link.” Not only do I not think he sucks, I think he’s damn hot. What a great companion for a tour of homes.

Richard Davis – The Real Estate Pros (TLC)

Richard Davis, self-made real estate magnate and founder of Trademark Properties, is not on this list because I want to date him. I simply really, really admire the man. He embodies my ideal entrepreneur: he’s a man unswervingly devoted to the principle that he who is smart and works hard should make money, but is also dedicated to sharing his hard-earned success with others.

Richard has put his own profit in jeopardy many a time in order to give a chance to someone I myself would consider a bad risk. Whether it be a drug addict or a lazy employee, Richard sees potential where others either look away or throw money at a problem. By the example of himself and his protégés, he teaches the down and out to apply themselves, make smart choices, and turn their lives around. And all while making money himself!

Is that the American Dream or what?

While not so much a romantic hero as say, your Les Stroud or your Mike Rowe, Richard is nevertheless very much a hero. Watching him get things done, make lives better, turn trash into treasure, and accomplish what others wouldn’t even attempt, never ceases to brighten my life and inspire me.

Ah, cable reality TV...what an endless source of interesting males. And I haven’t even touched upon the hotties of Bravo and the History Channel yet. As the saying goes, stay tuned!

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