Monday, February 25, 2008

The Bloodchained Sequel is Underway!

An update for fans of my fiction: This week I started writing the sequel to my novel Bloodchained! The book has been selling so well these past couple of months and has gotten more fantastic reviews, and meanwhile several fans were asking if there would be another BC book. Therefore it was pretty clear to me it was time to start writing BC2.

Don’t want to put in too much here about what may happen in the new novel, lest I spoil the first one for those who haven’t read it yet. But rest assured, your favorite vampiric villain has arisen again to use his seductive ways to gain power and threaten the Roican and mortal races. Meanwhile, the “good guys” of Bloodchained have their work cut out for them as they struggle not only with their battle to keep evil in check, but also with some internal strife (there’s a nifty forbidden love plot in the works, for one thing).

And if you’re wondering about some of those bits of foreshadowing in Bloodchained, well, all will be revealed, including the ultimate fate of the Temple and of Gilder’s Inn. You’ll meet some characters mentioned before, as well as intriguing new ones. And of course, the book will emulate its predecessor and be chock-full of suspense, romance, vampire-style spiciness and shocking surprises.

Yikes, I’ve got my work cut out for me making good on all those promises! I also have to try to live up to the reviews the original Bloodchained has been getting:

The Romance Studio: 5 hearts - “I loved this story. It truly has it all...and has become one of my favorite stories.”

Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 angels - “Like no other book...a tale that comes together brilliantly...pure delight.”

Sime~Gen: 5 stars - “Not many books are able to capture me completely the way this wonderful book did...a superb love story that touched my heart...a phenomenal read!"

Romance Junkies: 4 1/2 blue ribbons - “A story that will thrill paranormal and historical romance lovers alike...Grab a copy of this superb book...”

As you may know, Bloodchained owes much of its success to the 63 reader/partners who worked with me on the creation and writing of the story. I have often been asked if I would write another book in that fashion. Well, to answer that: Because the storyline has been largely established by the first book, I won’t be using the general surveys and such this time, but I do hope to recruit some members of the Bloodchained Readers Club who will be willing to read and critique the manuscript like was done with the original. Help from readers always makes for a better book!

[And if I’ve wet your whistle for getting your own copy of Bloodchained, the paperback is available online from
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s Books. You can get it in Kindle from Amazon or in mobi format from Mobipocket, or go to Powell’s for the pdf and lit versions.]

Enough of the infomercial, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

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