Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Big Love Scene

As I write this, I have reached the spot in my latest story when the big sex scene is about to unfold. Other erotic romance writers will be familiar with this moment, and readers may find it interesting. Writing the Big Love Scene is, at least for me, a whole nother experience from writing the rest of the narration.

The rest of the narration is plot, description, and dialogue. The plot is just a matter of creative planning and getting from point A to point B. Honestly, it takes more discipline than anything else. The description requires a bit more imagination but it isn’t bad. The dialogue is a joy because it’s typically just the process of writing down what the characters have to say.

But the sex is different. You have to have your imagination cranked all the way to eleven, because sex never writes itself. The plot to sex is pretty much a variation on a half dozen possibilities. The description tends to be clich├ęd. And usually there isn’t much dialogue. So if you want to get words on paper, words that will actually move the reader, you have to have a sexual experience in your head that is worth telling about. A real sexual experience.

I’m a terrible actor but I can relate a bit to those who use method acting because that’s what an author must do for the Big Love Scene. I have to become the heroine. And by the time I let the hero have his way with me, I have to know him well enough and feel strongly enough for him that I can’t resist him. (Now you know why it usually takes awhile to get to my sex scenes!) This guy has to be vivid in my mind: his appearance, his unique charms, the feel and scent and sound of him. And he can’t make love to me in some commonplace way; there has to be something notable about it.

Once all this is achieved, the nudity and touching can finally get underway, and hopefully something lustful ensues. Okay, it always does, but only because the preparations were carefully made. And then it’s time to make an attempt to actually record this imaginary encounter, in language potent enough to convey it successfully to the reader.

I wouldn’t go through the bother of this work if it weren’t so fun. But of course it’s one of the most fun things ever, especially after the writing is over and I can read the passage as often as I like. Really, what’s not to like about having perfect, consequence-free sexual encounters with men I created myself? Reminds me of the guys who made the female robot in “Weird Science,” only the supplies required are much cheaper.

So I don’t mean to whine. But I need to stop stalling and write this scene. Raniwa (that’s his name—plan to buy Soulful Sex III if you’re curious) is waiting…and although he has infinite patience, Rebekkah doesn’t. I wouldn’t either if I were her.


Erica said...

Diana, this is an interesting post. While I'm not a professional writer (like you) by any means, I have been working on a fan-fiction type story in which I meet up with (you guessed it) Hayden himself. I have only finished chapter one, but I am currently working on chapter two (the part where it something lustful happens). Chapter two might seem like a really early point in a story for things to get hot and steamy, but after admiring the man from afar for as long as I have, I was ready in chapter one!

I understand what you say about being in the scene, and having to really have fallen for the guy, want him, know things about him, have him surround you, for the sex scene to work. I have tried to paint these details into my story as well, and hopefully the end result will show it.

Writing about the big love scene, while I'm sure not as good as actually encountering it with Hayden, is rewarding, just as you said, and yes I do feel a little bit like those Weird Science guys at this point. Not a bad feeling, but still...

Great post. You inspire me to continue on my journey to get to the big fan-fic love scene with Hayden. Sigh.

Thanks for the picture of Denakin BTW, I enjoyed it.


Diana Laurence said...

For my full reply to these cool comments, see Celebrity Fantasies Can Be Good for You!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I find this very interesting, I'm 13, and I love writing. I admire your talents, however I was wondering if you know how to build up a love scene? At the moment I am writing a novel myself and I'm rather into my own story and to make it perfect I need some inspiration. And you would be a great help as to help me to be able to tell how I could publish my own book perhaps?

Thank you so much
best regards,

Diana Laurence said...

Good for you, Catarina! I love meeting young writers. I was writing like crazy at your age, and the fact that you are doing so tells me that you will likely become a successful author one day.

There is a lot to writing, and to writing a love scene, far too much to explain on a blog. And at 13, you don't have a whole lot of experience to work least I hope not! LOL But to my mind, there have been three basic elements in my life that came together to teach me how to write: 1. Reading a LOT, both classics and popular fiction. 2. Writing as much as I could. 3. Letting life take its course. The longer you live, the better you write, that's just a fact. And meanwhile, the earlier you start writing, the better you'll write too!

As for how to publish a book, it's the rare 13 year old who gets a book contract for money. But there are other ways to share your work with readers, and I'd advise you start there. Look for places on the web where you can post your work for others to read. And you can always create your own website for it or use a blog.

Keep it up, my dear--and best wishes!