Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I’ve Found My Soulmate and Her Name is Meg!

...Meg Wood! I don’t often endorse other blogs and sites here, but I have to make a special recommendation for Meg’s Boyfriend of the Week.

Well, what I mean by “soulmate” is that Meg’s taste mirrors my own in uncanny ways. I’ll grant you, if you blog about a new celebrity you like every week or two, you will have a long, long list that most women will share at least in part. But there are definitely some guys in Meg’s pantheon that you wouldn’t necessarily expect every woman to drool over.

Naturally Meg could not be my soulmate if she didn’t appreciate Les Stroud. But she pleads to have his children ASAP, and for all the same reasons I adore the guy. She’s got a long list of my more “commonplace” faves: Naveen Andrews and Josh Holloway, David Duchovny, Sean Bean, Gregory Peck, Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd/Elijah Wood, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Owen Wilson, Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, Tobey McGuire...none of those guys are overly surprising.

Now, however, for the “overly surprising” category, relatively less popular guys that I have adored and/or blogged about: the “So You Think You Can Dance” guys, Mike Rowe, Bill Nighy, Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the Serenity guys, Josh Whedon and Anthony Stewart Head, Sam Neill, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Anthony Hopkins, and Ray Walston.

Yes, Ray Walston! When I saw that name I knew Meg and I quite possibly share the same brain! Or at least libido! I couldn’t believe there was anyone else out there who had a crush on him in “My Favorite Martian” besides me. But Meg did! Will wonders never cease?

Really, there are very few guys on Meg’s boyfriend list (other than those I hadn’t heard of) that I don’t find attractive. Eric Stoltz? Adorable. Chow Yun-Fat? To die for. Morgan Spurlock from “Super Size Me”? I’ll take two. James Spader? Swoon. I even get what she means by the Pets.com Sock Puppet.

I just love that Meg seems to have developed her romantic taste, as I did, based upon a combination of science fiction, Broadway musicals, and admiration for men whose resourcefulness emulates MacGyver. She likes a lot of guys who are quirky, exotic, romantic, heroic, and ingenious. Just reading her analyses (and admiring the accompanying photos) is inspiring, because she really gets (at least according to my particular taste) what makes men spiritually satisfying to women.

Love, love, love it, Meg. I only wish we were both twelve years old and could stay over at each other’s houses making scrapbooks of our fave guys and giggling till one in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Wait, why do we have to be 12 years old to do that? :)

Glad you liked my site! Yours gave me a good laugh too. We were CLEARLY best friends in a past life. Let me know if you have any favorite guys I might've missed!

--Meg (http://megwood.com)

Diana Laurence said...

Yay, the illustrious Meg herself! Thanks, Meg, I'm glad you enjoyed visiting. I'm declaring us officially BFFFAPLs (Best Friends Forever from a Past Life), LOL.

It's hard to find a favorite guy I like that you missed, but there's always Edward James Olmos as Admiral Adama. I thought I might be in a tiny minority for falling for a older guy with a very worn face, till I found some fanfic about him and Laura Roslin that proved the contrary. If you'd rather do the (way) younger end of the boyfriend spectrum, there's always Shia!

Ah males...so much about them to love at any age. Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for visiting and posting, Meg!

Miss Organizized said...

AAAAAND Meg commented!! TOO COOL! Quick story: earlier this week I was really bumming here at work. I needed some Hot Man Photos and I needed them quick. I looked up some old standards, but then decided to find this post again to grab Meg's web address and drool over all the guys SHE'S mentioned. It totally made my day SO much better!! (I LOVED her post on Bradley Whitford! SO TRUE!!!) So thanks to you AND thanks to Meg!!

PS the best friends in a former life thing was HILARI'O!

nik von H said...

I'm late, but I basically came in to say "you don't have to be 12 years old to do that" - but it's been covered!

Onward with the Fiskars, Elmer's and Mags!