Wednesday, October 17, 2007

These Eyes, This Face

Your eyes hold all you are...

Kind, with a hint of mirth;
They tell me, come here little one,
I’ll tell you a long story
of adventure, beauty and truth.

Your eyes are steady,
sure and fearless;
life holds no threat to you--
it is your ally, your accomplice.

When I look in your eyes
everything is inside out;
you are everywhere,
and within you is Planet Earth.

Your face tells all you are...

Brows that dare trouble,
cheeks bronzed and rough with beard,
lips that say, this is serious,
all the while hiding a smile.

Within that set and certain jaw
you hide all your songs;
behind those golden eyes,
you keep your visions.

Just now in your face I see
the eternal quiet of arctic ice,
immovable yet so alive,
so vast, so strong.

But in an instant it can change
to the brilliance of an ocean bay--
sparkling, laughing,
warm and dancing and bright.

They are a symbol for your soul:
these eyes, this face;
and gazing on your countenance,
I find my safest place.

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