Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bloodchained Trailer

Well, I went against my own marketing advice and created a book promo "trailer."

Yes, I've always been one to poo-poo the idea of using dramatic visual media to promote text...till I discovered Windows comes with Movie Maker software. A couple of night's work later, I think I'm the M. Night Shyamalan of the book world. Well, actually I don't, but I'm hoping the result of my efforts is not so cheesy people will know I'm from Wisconsin.

I did attempt to give a sense of the atmosphere of Bloodchained as well as pique the viewer's curiosity. So take a look and see what you think....and if it makes you want desperately to know more about the novel, that website URL again is LOL


The Difference Now said...

Love the trailer! As usual the artwork is beautiful. What's the music in the background?

BTW, If you'd like to participate, I'm tagging you for the Random 8 Meme. It's addicting but fun. :-)

Diana Laurence said...

Thanks so much, Cherie! The music is a song called "Regret" by Malice Mizer, and I found it on a website that offers music for free by aspiring artists.

Thanks too for the tag! I only know four other people personally who blog, but I passed it on.