Monday, October 02, 2006

Simple Erotic Pleasures


Sometimes in dreams you zero in very intensely on some small aspect of life to which you might not give a lot of thought in your waking hours. I had that experience yesterday morning when I dreamed about hugging this guy.

What I recall about this dream hug is that it was a lovely example of that experience almost all women have had at once time or another: embracing a guy in a linen shirt. You know, a regular cotton/polyester blend type dress shirt. There is really nothing to compare with that feeling of a man’s body underneath that sort of fabric. Hugging a guy in a tee shirt is completely different, as is hugging through a flannel shirt or a sweatshirt or nothing at all.

Maybe it’s because the fabric is fairly thin, and loose enough to move, but a dress shirt seems to transfer a man’s body heat and firmness in a completely unique way. The feeling is so comforting and so exciting at the same time. And you get the sense that you are experiencing the guy’s body as intimately as you could without him being naked.

Funny how when I saw this guy again, he looked especially handsome to me, just giving me a good morning smile. Maybe there’s a bonding process that goes on when you embrace a man in a dress shirt.

Now in my dream, the shirt was white. Not sure why. But I asked myself the question, what would be my personal ideal color for the linen shirt hug? What would yours be? Shirt colors can be significant you know. I would propose these possibilities:

  • If you like a white shirt: you are thrilled by the power/intelligence of a professional man
  • If you like a light blue shirt: you like a more casual man
  • If you like a tan or khaki shirt: you go for a resourceful, military, or outsdoorsy, “manly” man
  • If you like a cobalt blue or red shirt: you like a man who is intense and confident
  • If you like a brown or gray or muted green shirt: you like a man who is shy
  • If you like a pinstriped shirt: you like a man with elegance and sophistication
  • If you like a wild print shirt: you like a man who’s eccentric

I find it a simple erotic pleasure just to contemplate hugging various types of men in these various types of shirts. LOL

And meanwhile, I also gave a little thought to what ingredients I would include in a potpourri of simple erotic pleasures. Here’s what I came up with on this particular day:

  • A hug in a linen shirt
  • A guy doing a really good impression of one of your favorite celebrity voices
  • A gesture for you to “come here” (that’s a killer)
  • A guy waiting on you who isn’t actually a waiter
  • Getting within 12 inches of a good-looking guy’s hands
  • Talking with a guy about a subject you both feel passionate about
Any day you can obtain even one of those is a good day. I haven’t managed any of them yet today, but I’ll do my best to fit in at least one before bedtime. Hope you do too!

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