Thursday, May 12, 2005

Alchemists: A Tribute to Dream Theater

Been listening to my favorite band, Dream Theater, I thought I'd share this poem I wrote last summer. If you have ever experienced becoming completely captivated by music, you will know this particular sort of erotic experience:

(a tribute to Dream Theater)

Drink this stuff if you dare
But know
Genius alchemists have brewed it
Alchemists so mad and wise

From the quickening sap in the veins of spring
From the shifting pull of the moon
Tapping the clouds’ electric charges
Chanting the words that made the world

Drink it if you dare
Wild mathematical elixir
There is science in the lunacy
And your soul will grasp the meaning
As your heart crashes out of control

Were you a green thing it would make you grow
Were you light it would bend you
Were you a poem it would make you rhyme
Iambic, a sonnet of sound

Drink it from your bare hands
This stuff is molten, and when it cools
Is liquid still
And through your fingers it runs
Leaving behind a map to the soul
Inscribed upon your palms

On your tongue you taste the rushing
In your belly it feels alive
Does it stir or soothe you?
The next draught will change your mind
And make you beg another

Drink this stuff, but know
It’s as addictive as living
For from life they distilled it
Men playing at divinity
Channeling power beyond their mortality

Alchemists so mad and wise


Con said...

..... uh....

Speechless in Cary

Diana Laurence said...

Yes, Con...DT leave ME speechless too...